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Why should I buy bitcoins?

Why should I buy bitcoins?

There are many reasons why you should buy bitcoins. Let’s mention a few:

  • Bitcoins protect your financial privacy.
  • Bitcoins are scarce. Bitcoins have a very limited supply  (of max 21 miljoen bitcoins) and cannot be digitally printed as debt like fiat currencies.
  • Bitcoins are digital assets and are your digital property with out third party risks as long as you have implemented proper security measures to protect your private key.
  • Bitcoins are transacted peer to peer and not server to client. Bitcoins is a form of free money without the interference of controlling third parties like banks. Bitcoin works without banks, without governments, regulators and other third party autorities. It works on a plain level field on basis of decentralization and equility.
  • Bitcoins are not based on debt, they are debt free and based on the principles of sound money.
  • Bitcoins are extremely secure based on the best cryptographic standards and the network is not hackable. It is impossible to control the Bitcoin network by third parties.

why buy bitcoins

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