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About LiɃerBits

liberbitsLiɃerBits is crypto finance web publisher, content creator, and consultancy firm. An important goal is helping people to understand the fast developing world of crypto finance by writing and publishing articles. We provide practical advice on how to start a journey in the world of cryptocurrencies in a secure and fun way and publish crypto portfolio reports.


LiɃerBits considers the advent of Bitcoin the start of a new financial paradigm shift where everybody is able to claim their own financial sovereignty and to create better decentralized, permissionless financial and economic systems based on new blockchain technologies without the need for third parties.

LiɃerBits is the publisher of the Dutch reference site Beste Bank on cryptocurrencies, tokens, token sales and crypto finance in general. Here you can also find the portfolio reports:

Other crypto finance websites are listed under projects.

LiɃerBits provides online consultancy services. You are welcome to contact us if you have questions with regards to our consultancy services. Consultation fees are 95,- euro per hour.

LiɃerBits assists entrepreneurs to incorporate on Malta, the blockchain island. Malta has the best legal framework for setting up a low taxed, regulated crypto business.

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What does the name LiɃerBits stand for? 

LiɃerBits - Vires in Numeris - In cryptography we trust!

For an explanation, see the Wikipedia page: LiɃerBits