crypto fund researchThe Crypto Fund Research project investigates crypto funds for investors. Crypto Funds go by many names – cryptocurrency funds, blockchain funds, or digital asset funds. Whatever you call them, the number of crypto funds is on the rise. There are currently more than 470 cryptocurrency/blockchain investment funds. The majority are set up as hedge funds, while a large number are venture capital funds. There are also a handful of crypto ETFs and crypto private equity funds.

Hedge funds are the most common type of digital asset fund, but venture capital crypto funds are launching quickly, and existing tech/FinTech VC firms are expanding investments into blockchain startups and launching their own blockchain funds. As some blockchain companies mature, private equity funds are beginning to get involved. Hybrid funds – those funds investing in cryptocurrencies as well as initial coin offerings.

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Crypto Fund Research compiles and organizes all information in a Crypto Funds List. Crypto funds covering more than 30 categories of data are all organized in one Excel format. You will also find the contact data so you can communicate directly with the crypto fund managers. For more information:

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